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Eating food for your blood type means eating food that based on your blood types like O, A, B or AB. This can help you to healthier. The chemical that contains in the food that you can eat is reacting with your blood type. When you eat food accordingly to your blood type than your body will have digest more efficiently, have more energy and have to prevent you from diseases. Your food can be depended upon the blood type is best.

The blood type diet can be determined that which food is best for a person internally.

Types of blood:

There are different blood types. The types of blood are A, B, O and AB blood group. Some research on blood groups they say when the different blood types are combined to increase the diseases of cancer, heart attacks, and blood clots.

To research blood and see the O type blood is at the lower risk of heart disease but high risk of peptic ulcers. The D’Adamo suggests to the people that some specific type of food to different type of blood.


Eating Food for your Blood Type:

Following are the food that eats for your blood type:

  • Food for type O blood:

The people whose blood group is O type eat the high protein diet which includes meat, fish, vegetables, beans, poultry, and dairy. The O type blood contains higher amounts of enzymes.

  • Food for Type A blood:

The people whose blood group is A type eat fruits, legumes, and whole grains. Doctors are saying the A-type blood group people are the sensitive immune system. Blood type A needed farming and harvesting grains. The A-type of blood people have a lower level of acid in the stomach. The people with type A blood are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes according to D’Adamo.

  • Food for Type B blood:

The people whose blood group is B type, they avoid corn, wheat, tomatoes, and peanuts. Doctors say they use green vegetable eggs and low-fat dairy.

  • Food for Type AB blood:

The people whose blood group is AB-type to have low stomach acid they avoid alcohol and caffeine. They eat green vegetables, dairy, and seafood.

Eating for blood type app:

Eating for blood type app is good for everyone and easy to use, anywhere. This will help you with your diet according to your blood and you don’t need any doctor’s help. They provide easily to your blood type diet plan. You can download these apps from play store and desktop. They provide you a beneficial avoid foods and neutral for each 4 blood types. There are many apps for eating for your blood type. Following are the food for blood type:

  • Blood diet type:

The blood type diet app is a great way to the blood type diet and quick concise and easy reference. It includes the food list according to blood type. It gives you a proper report.

It’s good as a food list quick reference guide and offers recipes.

  • Best food 4 your blood type:

This app provides you handy references for grocery, shopping or even eating in the restaurants. Simply select your blood type and click food categories provided for your references. Provides easy and convince of food list according to categories.


  • Increase in energy.
  • Improve your health.
  • Your immune systems are a boost.


  • Lack of evidence and health claims.
  • It does not food for all food groups.


What is the blood type diet?

  • The blood diet type based on the system absorbs lections. The food list will be different from the different blood group that is efficient to your blood.

How does blood type diet work?

  • According to the Dr.D’Adamo, diet plan for blood groups based on lectins. The different blood type reacts differently to the lectins. Even two people having the same blood group consume the same food. The use of food that is not suitable for your blood type is caused by heart disease, chronic illness, diabetes or many other diseases. The diseases problem of blood type A, B, and AB is greater than that of the O blood group. When you eating food according to your blood type will improve your health and conditions or may keep healthy.

Books for blood type Diets

  • Eat right 4 your type the individualized blood type diet.
  • Prevent and reverse heart disease the revolutionary, scientifically proven, a nutrition-based cure.
  • Blood type o food beverage and supplement lists.
  • Managing type 2 diabetes for dummies.
  • Prediabetes: A complete guide: your lifestyle resets to stop prediabetes and other chronic illnesses.
  • Eat right 4 types of personalized cookbook type O: 150 + healthy recipes for your blood type diet.

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