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Yoga is the exercise for the use of techniques of breathing and thoughtful exercise. It is a physical and mental exercise. By doing the yoga it decreases stress, improves strength, and improves balance and flexibility.

Yoga is the method of physical exercise and a way to reduce stress. Your body can be fit and healthy when you perform yoga. Yoga can be popular across the globe and it has many benefits. There are different kinds of yoga. It considers an aerobic type of exercise. When you can perform yoga you feel happy.

How to perform yoga:

Following are the breathing method to perform the yoga:

  • First of all, you choose the right place to do yoga where cannot have any distraction.
  • Do the practice of yoga without any disturbance.
  • The equipment that is used to perform yoga is a mat or blanket that getting be comfortable.
  • Use comfortable and flexibility clothes in which you can be comfortable when you perform yoga.
  • Drink a glass of water before performing yoga.
  • Now you can sit on the yoga mat and be relaxed and feel comfortable.
  • You can inhale deeply into your belly, as you can feel the breath and count the 4 seconds.
  • You can carry the breath for a few seconds and notice how your body feels after taking a breath.
  • Now exhale the breath slowly by your mouth and count 4 seconds.
  • Repeat this process until you get relaxed states.

Purpose of yoga:

The purpose of yoga is used to decreasing awareness and decreasing diseases or self-regulation. It is a practice to train your body and mind. Yoga is the best exercise and you can do anything without any equipment.

Types of yoga:

Following are the types of yoga:

  • Yin yoga:

Yin yoga is the hold poses yoga.

  • Hatha yoga :

Hatha yoga can be based on physical practice like breathing techniques.

  • Power yoga:

The ashtanga yoga is called the power yoga.

  • Bikram yoga:

Bikram yoga is the hot yoga which means it is done in a hot environment.

  • Jivamukti yoga:

Jivamukti yoga is related to deeply exercise and the same as vinyasa yoga.

  • Iyengar yoga:

Iyengar yoga is for the joint problem. Its focus on your body alignment like stability, strength

  • Vinyasa yoga:

vinyasa yoga is the number of athletic yoga. it works to the upper body and gives you a cardio exercise. It is faster and more fitness.

  • Ashtanga yoga:

Astanga yoga is the physical shape of your body it involves doing multiple poses.

  • Kundalini yoga:

Kundalini yoga is the exercise of your both physically and mentally like breathing exercise and meditation.

Benefits of yoga:

  • Stress relief:

Yoga can relieve stress and relaxation and help for the lower level of stress hormones.

  • Improve your heart health:

It helps to improve your heart health. Pumping the blood and supply to tissue, it helps to lower the blood pressure and improve your pulse rate and decrease the heart diseases.

  • Improve the quantity of life:

Practice yoga is to improve the quality of life by reducing the symptoms of cancer.

  • To promote sleep quantity:

Yoga can be a help to enhance sleep quality. When you sleep without any stress then, you sleep better. Doing yoga can effect on melatonin which helps to sleep better

  • Improve balance and flexibility:

Doing yoga can be to improve your balance and flexibility. You can balance yourself mentally and physically.

  • Improve the breathing level:

When you inhale and exhale breath. Your breath level is improved and you can feel better. So yoga is good for hearth diseases.

  • Can promote to eating habits:

Yoga helps in promoting eating healthy and mindful eating.

  • Relive migraines:

Yoga can help to release the tension, stress in the body and also improve the circulation that can help to your nervous system.

  • Relive anxiety:

Yoga can help to ease the physical slight pain that can cause anxiety to perform yoga it helps to reduce pain.

  • Reduce depression:

Yoga can help to reduce depression. It helps to reduce stress and mental health. It also helps to reduce the symptom of depression.

Pons of yoga:

Following are some pons of yoga:

  • Yoga is the stress reliever.
  • Performing yoga can improve your health.
  • It improves your brain power.
  • You can lose weight by naturally.
  • Yoga is a natural therapy.
  • Yoga is the exercise of your mind and body.
  • It takes less time consuming.
  • Yoga is the best for the back pain.
  • Yoga reduces the spinal curve.
  • It improves your balance.
  • It improves the muscles strength.
  • It can help to quit smoking.
  • It affects the mental health.

Cons of yoga:

  • Following are some cons of yoga:
  • Yoga requires maximum time concentration to perform it.
  • Performing yoga can be the cause of physical harm.
  • Yoga cannot for everyone.
  • Performing yoga when you can stretch your body it sometime injury your body and muscles.
  • Lack of ethic.


Yoga can be the best exercise without any equipment. It helps to lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression. It is the physical and mental exercise and your mind will be fresh. It improves your health and makes them fit and healthy. It also helps to improve balance and flexibility.


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