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Gym stands Gymnasium. It is a room or a part of the building that made for the gymnastic with facilities for exercise and other physical education for fitness that you can do. It containing special equipment for the use of physical exercise and people do the physical exercise on it and get fit.

What does gym exercise include?

The gym includes so many physical exercise facilities by types of equipment like treadmills, cycling machine yoga. There are so many indoor and outdoor facilities such as swimming pools, running tracks, sports playing fields. Gym incorporates athletic spaces for basketball and many other sports that fit within space.

We do physical exercise in the gym and there are many exercises. There are many different forms of the gym. Fitness gym is divided into weight training equipment and the other is cardio equipment. These include yoga, custom-tailored classes and many more. Some gym made a separate area for the children.

Gym Equipment’s that is used for exercise:

Gym equipment is divided into two forms and these are the following.

  • Weight training equipment:

It involving and lifting weight for strength. It is physical training that lifts the weight. The equipment of weight training is dumbbells, weight stacks. The target of Weight training equipment is muscle groups and types of movement.

  • Cardio equipment:

Cardio exercise is the exercise that raises your heart rate. This movement of your muscles and heart makes it stronger and more efficient to your body as a healthy body. Cardio equipment includes are a treadmill, Jacob’s ladder, a rowing machine, and Stair Mill.

Gym Exercises:

There are so many gym exercises but some exercise is we discuss and these are the following:

  • Seated barbell press:

How to:

Sit on a military press bench holding you can hold a barbell with a grip. Position a barbell at a height that can be over your head. Your grip should be wider than your shoulder width and create a 90-degree angle. Once you pick the barbell with a correct grip and the weight up your head and your arms are fully extended. This is your starting position where you can start. Then lower your bar down slowly and then lift the bar to the starting position and then repeated it.

The benefit of this exercise:

It is the greater exercise for developing the strength of the shoulder. Improves the strength in bones and also improve the stability and of your elbow, shoulder.

  • Pull-ups:

How to:

Grabs the handles of the pull – up station in your hand and your arm is fully extended. The position of your hand should be around the shoulder width. Your arms will be straight at the bottom and your chin over the bar at the top. Pull yourself by up and pulling your elbow down. Lower yourself under control and have to your previous position

The benefit of this exercise:

Pull – up is just about the toughest bodyweight exercise. It boosts the strength of your muscles and builds your muscles quickly.

  • Seated row:

How to:

The seated row is a pulling exercise. Sit down on the machine and place your feet on the platform that provided. Grab the handle and your arm extended and keep the natural alignment of your back until your torso is at the 90-degree angle from your leg. This is the starting position. Keeping the torso stationary and pull back handles toward your chest, squeezing your back muscles hard. Hold the contraction for some seconds and then slowly and have to the original position and then repeated these steps. When you can perform that movement breathe out.

The benefit of this exercise:

This exercise is best for improving your posture. It is pulling exercise that works for the back muscles, lentissimo dorsal. It works for the upper arm muscles, biceps, and triceps.

  • Dumbbell steps up:

How to:

Stand up straight while holding the dumbbell in your hands and you can place your right leg on the platform that your knee bends to 90 degrees. Step down with left leg, and have your right leg is be straight. You can Repeat this on the other side.

The Benefits of this exercise:

It helps for the knee pain, recovering the knee injury. Improve the symmetry and balance. This includes the activities of all of your leg muscles.

  • Overhead press:

How to:

Hold a bar in front of your shoulder your hand next to your shoulder, keeping the chest up and press the bar over your head until it is balanced and your arms are straight Lower your elbow at the top and back to start.

The benefit of this exercise:

It is the best exercise for pushing and for the greatest amount of weight overhead. It builds your upper body strength and increases your strength lockout.

  • Front squat:

How to:

Lift the bar of the rack and then adjusting your foot position keep your elbow and head upwards. Down the squat and then keeping your chest, and then drive up by your heels and stand.

The benefit of this exercise:

Front squats are the exercise to perform in the Olympic programs that are weight lifting. The benefits of this are the mobility requirement like the mobility of the upper body, shoulder, and knee. Muscles can be trained and are best for athletic performance.


Gym exercises are good for your health and make you fit and smart. You can improve your health by doing gym exercises or many other exercises and nutrients. Gym exercises make you physically fit.


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