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Men’s health refers to the condition that is completely mental, physical and social. The issue of men’s health includes in a medical situation, some diseases have affected both genders like cancer. Men’s health is concerned with preventing and treating conditions that are common to men. The greater risk of HIV/AIDS is for men.

Purpose of men’s health

Men live less than women. In The United States research on the life expectancy in which the life percentage of men is 72 and the life percentage of women is 79. Men tend to smoke and drink more than women. In the United States according to the study of CDC (centers for disease control), they are some leading causes of men’s death.

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • accidents
  • cancer
  • homicides
  • liver diseases
  • lungs diseases
  • suicide
  • diabetes

Generally, men are more stress full habits they have less medical care than women. Men also suffer athletic injuries, mental illness, and digestive disorder, and skin and hair problems. Men cannot pay attention to their health, so they need more attention to their health. There is some health condition that is affected by men like lower testosterone, cancer and heart disease and they can be treated the early diagnosis. So the purpose of men’s health is important.


Take care of men’s health:

Men cannot take care of your health they smoke regularly and drink too much alcohol. These are destroying your health you can take care of your health by some important things. Some important things are used for taking care of your health.

  • Don’t smoke because it is dangerous to your health.
  • Don’t drink alcohol, but if you drink it, drink less.
  • Eat healthy because this is good for your health and get active.
  • Doing workouts, the body will be comfortable by doing workouts.
  • Knowledge about your symptoms and don’t ignore it.
  • Doing some exercise daily to fit your body.


Food that can be good for men’s health:

Men take care of your health by taking foods that are good for their health. Some foods that are good for men’s health are the following:

  1. Red Meat:

Red meat can be good for health. It is also a good source of amino acid and also helps to build muscles. The use of red meat for men is improving the muscles of men.

  1. Dark chocolate:

Chocolate improves your blood flow the dark chocolate improves the circulation and blood pressure. Men are poor in blood flow, so the use of dark chocolate is important for men but not more use because the more use of chocolate is gain weight.

  1. Fatty fish:

Fatty fish which includes herring, salmon, and halibut is the best source of healthy fats. The use of fish is to protect from heart disease. When you use the fatty fish you have lower chances of heart disease. Heart disease is a major disease for men.

  1. Seafood:

In seafood, there are many types like shellfish. The use of shellfish is important for the muscles and reproductive system. Seafood is good in zinc.

  1. Mixed vegetable:

Vegetables are important to our health. Vegetables are packed with nutrients and boost the health of the cell and protect from cancer.  So the mixed-use of vegetables is good for men’s health. The use of mixed vegetables reduces many diseases.

  1. Barrier:

The use of barrier is help for improving you’re mentally and physically healthy. The use of a barrier can help to reduce the risk of cancer. It is best for our memory it also enhances memory and thinking. The use of this food is good for men’s health.

  1. Fiber:

Fiber keeps helping your digestive system and runs smoothly. Fiber helps o lower your risk of stroke and diabetes.

  1. Banana:

Banana is good for health. It contains the potassium that is good for our muscles contraction and bone health. And it also helps with the blood pressure in our body.



Physical activities can improve your health and reduces the risk of diseases. Exercise is important for immediate and long term benefits for health.  We will discuss some exercise for men’s health and doing theses exercise the men can fit and healthy and improve muscles. Exercises increase your metabolic rate by 18 percent the day after the workout.

  • Brisk Walking:

Brisk Walking is something that you can do anywhere any time there is no equipment is required for this. Walking is the exercise that improves the strength of your heart, cardiovascular and burns the calories. By brisk walking, the 500 calories can burn per hour and it is more beneficial for fitness. It depends on your fitness. Brisk walking improves your walking speed. The average speed walking pace is more than 20 minutes per mile.

  • Back squat:

The back squat is just for the major muscle group and the developing movement. A back squat is a vital exercise for increasing the strength muscles. An athlete will use squat for the running fast, jump high and increasing strength. If you feel pain going downstairs back squat will help for reducing this pain.

  • Pushup:

Push – up can for the strength of chest shoulder and triceps. It can be done at any level for fitness. How to do push – up from “face down position, place your hand slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Place your toes and knees on the floor. Then lower and lift your body by bending and straightening your elbows.” You can do push-ups without any equipment or anywhere.


Men’s health is a major problem. Men have faced many diseases problems and can properly take care of health. By taking good foods, performing some exercise for fit and healthy body.



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