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Weight loss is the loss of body weight. Weight loss can do by exercise and dieting. You can lose your weight by doing exercise and by making diet plans. When you lose your weight may reduce some calories and these calories are taken from foods.

Weight loss app is the programs that you can download to your mobile app play store and this app provides you with the knowledge about the fitness and health, varies lifestyle habits, such as exercises and the intake of calories. Weight loss app is easier to use for everyone, but there are many benefits and are supported by the scientific.

Weight loss app:

There are many weight loss app. Not all are perfect. Every weight loss app has advantages and disadvantages. Some weight loss app is paid and some are unpaid. We will discuss both paid and unpaid weight loss app and pros and cons

Unpaid weight loss app:

Some weight loss app with their pros and cons are the following:

  • Lose it:

It is a user-friendly free weight loss app that focused on calories and weight tracking. Lose it app provides your daily calories and weight loss plan on the research of your age, weight and health goals. You can easily log your food intake into this app. It helps to select food by providing the list where you can eat. You can get the daily reports of your calorie intake. You can keep track of your weight by using this app. There is an option in this app that is “snap it”, which allows tracking the food intake by taking the picture of your meals.

  • Healthy Out:

When you can lose weight it is difficult to find the right food for losing weight. There are many restaurants and fast that consume high calories. The best solution is to avoid eating out, but it is difficult this app is helpful about this. It provides a list of healthy restaurant dishes in your area by selecting the nutrition preference. There are verities of the option in which you can choose your health.

  • My Fitness Pal:

This app is about calorie counting that is proven about weight loss. This app is popular. This app is strategic for counting calories and weight loss. This app can generate a different report including the pie chart and overview of total fat, the protein that you can contain. You can track your weight and search for healthy recipes. This app provides you with a feature of a barcode scanner. Many restaurant foods that cannot track easily you can track this app. There is another feature in this app which you can connect with others and share your stories and tips.

  • My diet coach:

This app brings the fun to lose weight. In which you can track your food intake and many physical activities, but have some challenges and earn a reward on an avatar. There is a feature in this app is called “panic button”. In this type name and add a picture which will provide you some tips to avoid eating it.

  • Detox diet plan:

A detox diet plan is a free app about the weight loss in which diet plans will be discussed. By this app lose weight in 7 days it reduces the belly fat in one week. It gives you a healthy diet plan for weight loss. It gives you natural home remedies for weight loss and exercises for weight loss.

Some paid weight loss app:

Mostly the weight loss app is free of use but few are paid and these are following.

  • Diet watchers diary:

This is the paid weight loss app and the there paid amount is $ 2.99. This app is effective and easy to use for those who can pay and join. This app includes the point calculator, dairy food, weight tracker, points list and monitor food that intakes at your fingerprint.

  • Ideal Weight:

This app is the paid app and there paid amount is $ 0.99 per item. This app gets started by a daily weight tracker and BMI calculator. It gives you the graph which will understand your weight effect on the recent diet. The tracker that is used in this will calculate your BMI with your signature.

  • Calories Counter PRO My Net diary:

This app is a paid app and the paid amount is $ 3.99. This app is creating for losing weight easily set your weight goal and creates a calorie budget that helps your losing weight easily and safely. The feature that includes is an enormous food database and barcode scanner and a reminder to keep sleep and blood pressure.

  • The weight loss mindset:

The weight loss app mindset is the paid app. the amount is $ 8.80. This app is the 8powerfull program that is eating less; eating better, controlling emotion eating, enjoy exercise, living an active lifestyle, getting the perfect body, healthy life balance, and aversion of junk food and weight gain.


The weight loss app is easy to use. It helps to quick and easy to input foods. It helps to reduce calories easily. Weight loss app provides you with knowledge about fitness and health, varies lifestyle habits, such as exercise and the intake of calories.


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