Pokemon Go tips n tricks

Pokemon Go craze is sweeping the nation. With over 12 million downloads in just one week, it’s making headlines and spawning memes all across social media. So what exactly is this app that has everyone from your little sister to your grandmother playing? And more importantly, what are some tips and tricks for those looking to become the very best like no one ever was?

The game requires you to explore your own neighborhood (and eventually the world) as if you were a Pokemon trainer searching for new creatures to catch and train with others nearby. It uses augmented reality on your phone or tablet by overlaying graphics onto a live video of what’s happening around you – adding trees, buildings, or even people into your camera view of the outside world where they aren’t actually present.

There are three teams you can join in the game, with each team being led by one of the main Pokemon characters in the franchise. Team Valor is led by Moltres, Mystic is led by Articuno, and finally, the most popular of them all – Instinct (also known as Team Yellow) is led by the legendary Pokemon character, Zapdos.

How to pokemon rom hack?

Another way to get more out of the game is to “hack” it. There are two popular ways to do so, both profiting from the game’s lack of in-game security. The first is using an IV checker app, which allows you to enter values for your Pokemon and find out what their full analytics are – including things like Attack, Defense, Stamina, Max HP, and other stats that will help you plan your battle strategy. If you want to go into this in-depth with multiple Pokemon, then IV calculators such as Poke Assistant can help you analyze your team as a whole rather than just one creature at a time.

What are the main components of Pokemon Go?

There are three main components to Pokemon Go: catching Pokemon, training at a gym, and battling against other teams. Each has its own set of tricks for beginners looking to level up quickly and become the best trainer in their neighborhood.

Catching Pokemons

When you first start playing the game, you’ll only have the option to catch the most basic of Pokemons – Rattata, Pidgey, and Weedle. But as you progress and catch more and more of these common critters, you’ll eventually start to come across different and rarer ones.

The key to catching them is using the right type of Pokeball for the job. There are six types in total, with each one designed to catch a specific type of Pokemon. Rarest of all are the Master Balls, which can catch any Pokemon no matter what – making them perfect for those pesky Legendary creatures you’ll eventually encounter.

Training at a gym

One of the coolest parts about Pokemon Go is the gyms that are scattered around town. These are where trainers gather to train their Pokemon, battle them against other trainers’ Pokemon, and help out other trainers in need by temporarily fighting their battles. When you arrive at a gym for the first time, three different teams will be there battling it out – all fighting for control of this valuable real estate.

So how do you join one of these teams to start defending your territory? It’s not as easy as building up a Pokemon team and challenging all nearby gyms on your own. Instead, you’ll need to find an actual trainer who is controlling a nearby gym and defeat them in battle before they give you the right (or dare we say, the harder) to take their place.

If you happen to be near one of those gyms and can’t seem to find anyone else battling it out, no worries – as long as you’ve already or are currently training there, you’ll or do automatically remain in control until another team beats your Pokemon.

Battling against other teams

Battles happen when you get close enough to a Pokèmon for your Poke Ball to successfully connect. The Pokè Ball can be thrown from a distance or up-close, but there’s a catch: the smaller your Trainer Level, the better chances you have of catching a Pokèmon – and it’ll get harder as you go! If a Pokèmon gets away, you must wait a bit before it reappears again.


It’s clear from the input that Pokemon Go is a craze sweeping across America. It may be tempting to jump into the fray and start playing, but it’s important you know about all of the different components before diving in head first.

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